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Why Your Business Needs to Get Logo Design Inspiration From Home Furnishing Logos

Having a logo for your business that is well thought of will no doubt be able to reach out to a number of interested consumers. As you venture into the world of home furnishings, you may be quick to judge that what these brands offer are just the mundane things. If you are not sure what you should be having as logo design for your business, then the best place that will inspire your logo design creativity will be the home furnishing section. It should not be that hard on your part to create the most perfect logo for your business. The following is a list of the best home furnishing logo designs that you may want to get some inspiration from.

Delta Faucet Company: The first place that you should be heading to get home furnishing logo design inspiration is the faucet section such as the Kohler shower faucets. If you take a close look at the logo of Kohler shower faucets, you will only see its name in bold. Because of how competitive the faucet industry has become, there are some companies such as the Delta Faucet Company that utilizes a particular image in promoting their products. The logo that they have is composed of a simple black circle wherein three water droplets form the shape of a triangle inside. You can easily remember their logo owing to the fact that their logo is very abstract and most especially that they only make use of white and black colors. The water droplets that you can see in their brand image is also one way of letting the people know that what they are selling is associated with water.

Shabby Chic Furniture: If you are new with the business that you have gotten yourself into, then one of the best things that you can do is to have the identity of your business be well recognized with its logo. Shabby Chic takes pride in selling furniture that looks worn out but still loved, the kind you call vintage, that appeals to several people. The logo that they have comprises of their unique name as well as their unique image. So that people will easily associate this brand to the past, the font of their logo makes use of a cursive font. As regards their brand picture, they have a lamp that is found on top of a small dresser. There is a bit of texture in the dark brown color of the picture of their logo. The dresser that you can find in its logo comes with intricate patterns such as those of a white filigree one. If you want to stand out from your other competitors, it will be great that you include a relevant image as part of your logo and not just the name of your brand.

With the examples made mention above, there is no doubt that you can conclude that having a logo is really great for your own business.

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