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How to Maintain Parking Lots

We all know the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ and it applies to almost anything including the facilities in parking areas, which means that if you do not want it to deteriorate quickly and if you want to protect your investment from it, you have to make sure that you maintain it properly. This is the best solution that you can do since it is also a cost-effective way in maximizing the pavement’s longevity while reducing the risk associated with it.

If you are planning to keep up with the maintenance of the parking lot, you should know that it is very essential to carry out the steps that can reduce risk as soon as you find out that the pavement is already showing signs of wear and tear like raveling, cracking, or deterioration in its surface.

If you want to show a positive image for your business or company, you should take into consideration using commercial facilities for your parking area. Once you use such facilities, it is not only the image of your company that will improve, but its curb appeal as well, and it can even protect your investment.
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There are several parking lot maintenance services that are provided by companies that offer commercial facility maintenance and some of them are the following:
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1. Seal Coating: When seal coating is used, it helps protect the asphalt from the damaging effects of extreme weather conditions and certain products that are petroleum-based such as oil and gasoline. In fact, commercial grade base sealers that are coal-tar emulsion is very ideal since it exceeds and meets the federal standards and specifications of coating.

2. Striping: Directing traffic efficiently and safely in your parking area can be achieved with the use of striping technique. When you use a striping paint, it is highly recommended to use a latex type because it can provide a professional look as the sealer that will be used for it will not bleed through.

3. Asphalt Repairs: Even though the asphalt surfaces of your parking lot is still newly applied, it will start to wear and break down over time since it is exposed repeatedly to various elements like sunlight, chemicals, and water, hence, it is very necessary to do repairs for it. When it pertains to liquid asphalt, it is usually responsible for binding materials together, however, once it loses its natural level of resistance to water, it allows the other materials to pass through underneath the surface. As a consequence, the pavement can instantly suffer from a number of various deterioration types such as pot holes, cracks, raveling, and others. Thus, you consider repairs for asphalt pavements since it increases the longevity of an asphalt’s surface.