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V is for Volvo V90

It is easy to judge a good car based on its appearance. One drive and you could tell a lot about the car. The Volvo V90 gives you this and much more from the onset. It is a showstopper if you could get the opportunity to view the inside. For those who are interested in both aspects of appeal and practicality then your Volvo V90 is calling you. Inside your eyes are bound to pop of from the oh so-classy cabin features. The Scandinavian design around you just begs you to stay. If you like dessert then you might find the tablet sized touch screen very much to your taste. The fun part is that this is just the beginning .

The game just change so if you are playing with T8 twin engine you might want to upgrade. You are getting real muscle with both electrical and gas charged motors. With the electrical motor you could do up to forty kilometers if it’s a daily routine. If you are interested with over the top driving the option of using the two engines still stands all at a low fuel cost. This is a classic case of my engine my choice. If you have a smart phone with you then the Volvo on call up makes you the captain. It works its magic around shutting your door, heating or cooling your engine depending on its state and can help you track your car. Whoever you are with in the car will love you for the WI-FI. You do not need James bond with this one, if someone tries to break in your car it gets to tell on them . You are then left with the liberty to decide whether to call 911 or tackle them yourself.

You want safety so you get safety with Volvo V90. You get what you pay for which happens to be three sixty degree angle camera with a bird eye view. They are located strategically in your door mirrors one on the front and the other at the rear a total of four. This allows you to find your way through small spaces that do not have the right visibility. If parking has always been a problem for one reason or the other then now its not. If you have the accelerator and break in check then parking in whatever form whether perpendicular or parallel is possible courtesy of the pilot pack assist.

Sensus navigation systems are now available to you with the Volvo V90. You can access information on the traffic state of optional routes, command you car and even that of available parking courtesy of this system. It has an app that allows you to give information on your location to friends. Music has immense power and that’s why this Volvo has a Bowers and Wilkins system just for your music needs.

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