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How to Choose the Right Roofer for Your Project

It’s obvious how important a roof is when it comes to providing your family a secure and comfortable home. Hence, if there are any issues requiring its repair or renovation, it is a must to choose a professional tradesman to ensure quality results at a fair price.

Below are tips to help you find a good roofer for your project:

Look into the issue yourself first.

Cowboy tradesmen usually exaggerate the extent of the problem, and thus, the money you need to spend to fix it. So before you actually hire somebody, take a good look at the issue yourself. For example, there’s only a small portion of your roof that has begun to leak, you probably won’t need a complete re-roof.

Research credentials.

It is important that you always investigate a company thoroughly before hiring them to do any work.
Before hiring a roofer or any service professional, always research their credentials beforehand. Hire a roofer who is licensed and insured, as well as accredited by industry bodies. Of course, they should also have a physical office address and a landline. If a mobile number is all they can give, that could be too risky for you. What reputable roofer would only provide a mobile number?

Industry Experience

It’s silly to hire a roofer whose only experience is thatched roof renovations, if what you need is slate roof repair. Hiring a roofer with the wrong experience only means that you’ll likely need to hire a second one – hopefully the right roofer by this time – to straighten up the errors committed by the first. Delayed completion is not the only result of this – you’ll also end up paying a lot more than what you had intended to initially.

Go over their portfolio and ask for references.

By scrutinizing a potential roofer’s past work, you will see the kind of experience, work quality and reliability they can provide you. Asking for references and actually talking to them is also a good way to know more about the contractor. If the roofer seems unwilling to provide pictures or references, they’re most probably hiding secrets. But you don’t have to waste your time knowing those secrets. Just move on to your next prospect.

Ask for a written quote.

Prior to starting the work, make sure you have been given a detailed written estimate. This will help you understand the roofer’s pricing structure, whether you’ll be paying hourly or a flat rate, and what exactly you’ll be paying for. Of course, with a written quote, it will also be easier to compare various roofers more accurately. And yes, comparisons are crucial because with no point of reference, you’ll never know if a roofer is actually the best for you, even if that’s what it initially looks like.

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